Monday, November 1, 2010

Please help me welcome Deanna Jewel,  from Deanna's Tidbits.  Deanna is a multi-genre romance author and her NEW book, No Turning Back, was released April 5th! Her eBooks, iBooks or print copies are available direct from her website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes Book Store!

1.  What do you love most about blogging?
    Blogging keeps me in touch with my readers and followers, letting them stay abreast on what’s happening with me and my books. I love reading the comments left by readers so please comment!

2.  Do you have a most memorable post?
    My favorite post on my blog has to be the interview with Nathan, my main character from NO TURNING BACK. Depending on a reader’s take on heroes, in my humble opinion, he is gorgeous! Mmmm  mmm mmm!

3.  What is the funniest thing you have ever blogged about?
    Nothing comes to mind at the moment. Perhaps I need to make some of my posts a bit lighter for my readers. I’ll definitely take that into consideration. I don’t write comedy so it doesn’t come easy to me.

4.  What do you hope your readers will take away from your blog?
    I want my readers to know they can stay in touch with me and that I will get back to them should they leave me a comment or question. I have several interactive sites on the net for that as well as a FB Fan Page – Deanna Jewels Fan Page.

5.  Where do you hope to take your blog in the future?
    My blog is heading in the direction I want right now. I opened it up to author interviews back in July so that I could help other authors who, in turn, end up helping each other get noticed by the public as most of us are not known to the public just by seeing our name out there. Being a part of Virtual Book Tours helps me introduce even more new authors!

6.  Do you ever have contests and/or giveaways on your blog?
    My contests are run off my main website ( and I pull a winner each month. I also have a link to my main site. One large internet event is Blogmania and I was a part of that.

7.  In your opinion, how would readers, old and new, benefit from your blog?
    Readers will find new authors on my site that they can add to their TBR lists. So far, the readers, as well as the authors, have enjoyed the interviews posted and I archive them so they can be seen by all visitors.

8.  Anything you would like to share, thoughts, events, etc?
    I hope more readers will discover me as they visit my blog to read the interviews of the guest authors. I have links to my other sites, my newsletters (which are also archived), a blog hop that readers can click on and visit participating blogs, a link to BookBuzzr so two chapters of each of my books can be read for a taste of my writing which I hope entices them to want their own copy of my novels.

Thank you so much for sharing Deanna and for all you do.  I greatly appreciate it.  Please be sure to leave Deanna a comment letting her know you stopped in to get to know her better.  And don't forget to stop into her blog for the latest in author news.


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