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A Wild Ride! Virtual Book Tour & #Giveaway with p.m. terrell - Secrets of a Dangerous Woman

Fasten your seat belts because you're in for another wild ride with p.m. terrell's, Secrets of a Dangerous Woman, on tour now at the Virtual Book Tour Cafe'. I'm chatting with p.m. today about her book and she's offering you a chance to win her Black Swamp Mysteries Prize Pack, which includes some goodies from the town of Lumberton where the Black Swamp Mysteries is based. Enter using the Rafflecopter below, and enjoy!

Welcome p.m.! So glad you could join us today.

MM: Many authors relate their characters to people they know. Is this the case with your characters and do you see yourself in any of them?

Each of my characters is unique, just as people are in real life. So I take bits and pieces of personalities and physical characteristics from people I know but when combined with other personality quirks and traits, they end up not resembling any specific person. I also try hard to keep each character within each book very different from the others they interact with; I enjoy pitting opposites together, for example. My characters tend to be much larger than life than I am, which is a good thing!

MM: Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

Dylan Maguire, hands down. Dylan is an Irishman who comes to America in Vicki’s Key, the second book in the series. In Secrets of a Dangerous Woman, he is on his first CIA assignment. On one hand, he is definitely the kind of man you’d want protecting you; he is resourceful, opportunistic and capable of killing. Yet there is another side to him that can be very gentle and very attentive. When I created his character, it was important for another character, Vicki Boyd, to fall for him hard and fast. So I did quite a bit of research into what women like. I learned they were most turned on by Scottish accents, followed by Irish accents and then Australian. I decided to make him Irish because their language is more melodious and softer than the Scots. He has a five o’clock shadow, which many independent surveys showed really appealed to most women, thick hair (for running fingers through) and of course, he is muscular and fit.

MM: Who is your most favorite character from any book of all time?

That is a really tough question. It would have to be Rhett Butler from Gone with the Wind. He is actually very much like Dylan Maguire; the biggest difference is Rhett Butler was American, through and through!

MM: If you could dive into the pages of any book, which book would it be and what character would you be?

That is another toughy because I would want the romance without the drama and suspense! My friends and family all know that I like no drama in my life—only in the pages of my books. So, having said that, I love the romance between Ramses the Great and Julie Stratford in Anne Rice’s The Mummy. I would be Julie Stratford and Ramses would look like Russell Crowe in Master and Commander. Yes, I would fall in love with a mummy. But it’s Ramses the Great and he’s worth it!

MM: If your book was to become a movie, which actors/actresses do you see playing the parts of your characters?

Alan Duggan and Antonio Cupo both have the appearance of Dylan Maguire. Could either of them handle an Irish accent? I’d love to find out!

I can definitely see Amy Adams playing psychic spy Vicki Boyd.

And Lindsay Lohan would be awesome as bad girl computer hacker Brenda Carnegie.

Robert DeNiro is who I patterned Sam, their CIA boss, after, so of course no one else could play the role!

MM: What can we expect from p.m.terrell in the future? Any new projects?

Secrets of a Dangerous Woman is my 14th release. The 15th, Dylan’s Song, is scheduled for release in the spring of 2013. I am currently working on the final edits for that book and have started the next in the Black Swamp Mysteries series for release in 2014.

In Dylan’s Song, Dylan Maguire and Vicki Boyd travel to Ireland on a CIA mission: to locate and rescue a missing CIA operative using Vicki’s psychic spy abilities and Dylan as leader of the ground operation. While there, Vicki learns why he left his native Ireland—while harboring a secret of her own.

I have also started a new Ryan O’Clery series, which follows a homicide detective with a touch of the paranormal and romance; I think of it as Robert B. Parker meets Nicholas Sparks. I do not yet have the publication date for the first in that series but I am currently writing the sequel.

MM: Where can readers connect with you?

My website:
Twitter: @pmterrell

Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me today. It's been a wonderful pleasure.

p.m. terrell is the award-winning, internationally acclaimed author of more than 16 books in four genres: paranormal romantic suspense, suspense/thriller, historical adventure/suspense and non-fiction. Vicki's Key, the second book in the Black Swamp Mysteries series, was a finalist in the 2012 International Book Awards (one of only five in the mystery/suspense category) and River Passage won the 2010 Best Drama & Fiction Award. She has been a full-time writer for more than ten years. Previously, she founded and operated two computer companies; her clients included the CIA, Secret Service and Department of Defense. Her work in detecting computer white collar crime and computer intelligence inspired many of her books. She is an avid dog lover and advocate for animal rights and founded the New Leash on Life program in Robeson County, NC, which rescues dogs and places them in the prison system for obedience training and adoption. She also co-founded The Book 'Em Foundation, whose slogan is Buy a Book and Stop a Crook; their mission is to raise awareness of the correlation between high crime rates and high illiteracy rates. She co-chairs the Book 'Em North Carolina Writers' Conference and Book Fair each year in Lumberton, NC, which raises money for literacy campaigns in our communities.

Genre: Suspense
Publisher: Drake Valley Press
Release Date: September 2012
Buy: Amazon | Kindle


Irishman Dylan Maguire is back in Secrets of a Dangerous Woman, reuniting with psychic spy Vicki Boyd. In his first mission with the CIA, he must interrogate recently captured Brenda Carnegie. But when she escapes again, it's obvious she's had help from within the CIA's own ranks. With Vicki Boyd's psychic assistance, Brenda is back in his custody again. And now he must find out why some in the highest branches of government want her dead - and others will risk everything to help her. And when he discovers her true identity, his mission has just become very personal.


Something grasped Dylan’s ankle and he recoiled as he stared downward. Sam had rolled toward him, grabbing his ankle with desperate strength. His bloodshot eyes were open, revealing his misery.
We’re gettin’ you out o’ here,” Dylan said.
Chris raced through the doorway to peer over the banister at the floor below.
No,” Sam croaked. His voice was dry and his fingers tightened around Dylan’s ankle, tugging him into coming closer.
Dylan knelt.
I’m not going to make it,” Sam said laboriously.
You won’t be the judge o’ that.”
Leave me here.”
I’ll not be leavin’ you.”
Sam’s fingers tightened around his pants leg. “Go to Vicki. Save her, Dylan.”
Dylan stared into Sam’s eyes at the mention of her.
She needs you,” Sam said, his fingers loosening as if the mere effort of holding on was too difficult. “Tell her—tell her I love her. I always have.”
Dylan’s jaw dropped. “I refuse to tell ‘er,” he heard himself saying. “You’ll be tellin’ her y’self.”
I’m a dead man,” Sam said, his hand dropping back to the floor. “Leave me. Save yourself. And save Vicki.”
They’re coming in,” Chris said in a stage whisper.
Dylan rose, glancing at Sam as his eyes closed once more before rushing into the open hallway. “Which door?”
Chris pointed.
Then take these stairs. We’ll go out the side door. We’ve got to get to the girls.”
Chris glimpsed into Sam’s office, where his body lay still, before giving Dylan a fleeting look. Nodding, he rushed to the top of the stairs, Dylan on his heels.
Dylan had taken one step downward before he froze. In a fraction of a second, he hurled around and dashed back to Sam’s office. Sliding one arm under his knees and the other under his torso, he lifted the man in his arms and carried him to the stairs. Glancing down as he descended, he was met with Sam’s open eyes, questioning and baffled. “I’ll not be leavin’ you,” Dylan said simply.


Bk Walker

Thanks so much for chatting today p.m.!

Teddy Rose

Great interview! Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway!


Thank you so much for hosting me here today! I'll be checking back throughout the day and answering any questions anyone might have for me.

Rebecca Graf

mmmm. Rhett Butler. Now, I have to read it. :)


Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment, Rebecca! I caught Gone With the Wind on TV last week and it reminded me all over again why I fell in love with Rhett Butler so many years ago. (sigh)

Rhomy PP

I'm in! I really want this one!


Thanks for dropping in, Rhomy! I'm glad you liked the information on Secrets of a Dangerous Woman. Best of luck on winning the basket from Lumberton!

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