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Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet Lillian Brummet on Our Host Appreciation Features

Lillian has been with me from the beginning.  We first met when I started my site for BK Walker Books.  I started out just doing book features and she submitted her books to me for a feature.  She is a wonderful person and another that loves to pay it forward.  Please give her a warm welcome as we get to know her better.

1.  What do you love most about blogging?

There are several things that blogging offers me... Originally I started blogging after we spent some time building name recognition in the initial stages of our writing career. What I mean by this is we didn't start blogging right away as a means to promote our writing career. Instead we developed name recognition prior to starting a blog or a newsletter. Blogs and newsletters require a lot of time to manage, building a list of readers and so on, and this means that a writer has to balance these things as part of their time management.

The first blog I had was over at, which I still maintain ( - this blog, Canadian Authors,  is now used to list media appearances and radio or blog guests for the week... so it is kind of like a week-at-a-glance into the events happening in our lives.
I started using back in Oct 2008 due to the ease of setting it up and the excellent upgrades the owners continue to have done. This is known as the Brummet's Conscious Blog ( and is where I have the opportunity to reach a blog-friendly audience, one that my radio show or newsletter or website might not otherwise reach. This audience receives blog posts every single day - offering positive, motivational information, inspiring news clips, thought-provoking interviews and quotes and more. This also offers me a chance to share my own media appearances, public events, and so on.
However what I "love most about blogging" is that I can share things that really  mean a lot to me, personally. I personally find it exciting, thrilling even, when I learn about someone who's found a fantastic new use for used tires, or has learned a new technology that turns plastic diapers into reusable pallets - or a young teenager who's changed their community for the better. I love celebrating these kinds of things on the blog.

2.  Do you have a most memorable post?

The most memorable posts I've done involve an event I participated in back in July - for Buy a Poetry Book for Someone Special month. ...I think that is what it was called... Anyway, the whole month long we had poets come in to share their work and that was a real special time for me. I love poetry and the comments we had from readers was really nice too - the readers are articulate, thoughtful and often offer resources or tips. Sometimes readers will make their comments public, while other times they will respond privately to topics I've addressed in a blog post.

3.  What do you hope your readers will take away from your blog?

It is my hope that readers will be inspired to make a small change in their life that results in a more conscious, sustainable community. Each small action, from picking up a bottle in the alley and putting it in our recycling bin to donating used items, can make a huge impact on the world as a whole. The ripple affect from each of these small contributions will accelerate this global movement towards sustainable and conscious living. People often discount their own small contributions and feel they are not making a difference. Dave and I hope to change their mindset to a more positive, proactive one by offering the information, quotes, interviews and resources that we do through the various mediums in which we work (music, teaching, writing, radio interviews, blogs, etc). In exchange we hope that readers support us, and our fundraising efforts, by purchasing a copy of one of our products.

4.  Where do you hope to take your blog in the future?

Right now I am reaching slightly over 2000 unique hits per month - I'd like to see this doubled by the end of the year. Consistent posting, writing in a friendly style, and promoting - promoting - promoting will make this happen. This is often the balancing act of the blog-manager... One must promote the blog and keep posts happening, along with interesting links in the sidebars on a regular basis.

But how does one do this when they have a life, and a business to run? It isn't easy to find the time to run a blog sometimes... Have you noticed that a lot of new blogs phase out quickly? This is because time management and finding substantial content can be a challenge. So what I like to do is to post early every morning and get the promotions for the blog done as early as possible. Being one of the first chores in my office every day, the blogging becomes routine and I actually miss it when I take days off from the office.

That is another thing new blog owners will notice - after taking a few days off from the office the reader numbers can sometimes trickle down to a small number - which can be hurtful. But it might be encouraging to know that if the blog manager is consistent and persistent, they will develop a large enough audience to carry them through these slow times. Not all readers will visit every day, some will visit once a month, or only once, or twice a week... etc. So getting lots of readers is the key to having consistent numbers as far as unique hits go. Don't be afraid to say you are taking a weekend away from the office - let your readers know and then encourage them to scroll through the archived posts and your links, etc. People respond positively to this. If you don't let them know you won't be posting for a few days, and they come to check out the blog... they'll be confused and possibly think that the blog is no longer active. 

5.  Do you ever have contests and/or giveaways on your blog?

Oh, sure - we've given away lots of things on the Brummet's Conscious Blog  - from environmentally conscious products to books and services, such as coaching. We don't usually do these types of giveaways though, since it is not the focus of the blog. However occasionally someone will ask us if we'd consider giving away this or that, and we do consider each request.

6.  In your opinion, how would readers, old and new, benefit from your blog?

I think that readers who are about to make a change in their life - be it gardening or composting, recycling or reusing, donating or volunteering, writing, or greening their business or their home... - they will find resources, tips, advice, and interviews with experts who can help them in their journey. Having people share what they have done, what worked for them and what didn't work for them can really save people a lot of time, hassle, disappointments and money. So that is why I am so big on networking  and hearing from my readers. I love to share their thoughts, comments or questions by working them into an upcoming blog post, and offering the resources they send me on the blog as well.

7.  Anything you would like to share, thoughts, events, etc?
Yes! I'd love to have your readers drop by my site: - where they can find information about everything that we do, including our blogs, radio show, newsletter, books and products, and our fundraising efforts too. 
Thank you for sharing with us Lillian and for all you do.  I greatly appreciate it.  Please be sure to leave Lillian a comment letting her know you stopped in to get to know her :).

~ ~ ~ ~
- Dave & Lillian Brummet -

Authors of:
- Purple Snowflake Marketing - How to Make Your Book Stand Out In A Crowd 
- Trash Talk - Learn how you can impact the planet 
-Towards Understanding - a collection of 120 poems on society, the environment & overcoming trauma.  
Hosts of:
Conscious Discussions talk radio show:
Authors Read radio program:


Monday, October 18, 2010

Interview with David Fingerman and Review of Silent Kill - Virtual Book Tour

Today I am doing an interview with author David Fingerman,  plus giving a review of Silent Kill,  a much anticipated post.  Sorry it's late David,  we lost our kitten and our pit and youngest son are so upset.  I had to make a flyer and put it around town lol.
Anyways,  welcome to Walker's Muse David.   I loved Silent Kill!  David is also giving away a signed copy of Silent Kill at the end of his tour,  so leave David a comment to gain an entry and visit his website for his schedule,  or view the Calendar Of Events page for authors on tour.

BK:  Please tell us a little about yourself.

DF:  I've lived in Minnesota my entire life. I love this time of year and am not a fan of summer. Me and heat don't get along. I got severely sunburned years ago when I went to Miami during spring break. My ideal weather is cloudy, 60 degrees, and a good wind. My ideal day is writing in a dimly lit room while listening to my old LPs (vinyl is the way to go, man). Despite rumors to the contrary, I'm really quite sane (clinically speaking). 

BK:  What inspired you to pen your first title? 

DF:  Inspiration for my first published short story, "Autumnal Equinox" came from a Loreena McKennett song, All Souls Night. Inspiration for "Silent Kill" came from so many years of sitting in the courtroom. One gets to see the best and worst of human behavior and emotion. It's something I strive to capture in my writing. 

BK:  How long have you been writing? 

DF:  Pretty much since I learned how. But serious writing, since the early 90s, at least that's when I sent out my first short story in hopes of getting it published. (On a side note ~ it never happened. It's now collecting dust in my file drawer. I think there's a moral in there somewhere about perseverance.) 

BK:  What was the hardest part about writing this particular novel? 

DF:  I had written a lot of short stories and had the mindset that a novel is just a really long short story. It's a totally different thought process. Honestly, I didn't know what I was doing at the beginning (some would say that I still don't). Then there's the research. I'm somewhat lazy when it comes to research, but the deeper I got into the "Silent Kill" the more research I had to do. 

BK:  Have any dreams been realized as a result of your writing? 

DF:  Just having a book published is a thrill. I certainly don't mean this as a slap to self publishing ~ there are so many advantages to going that route, and I have the utmost respect for authors that do (I've gone that route too), but for me there was a certain validation that someone in the publishing business thought my work was good enough to put into print. 

BK:  Is there a message in your novel you want readers to grasp? 

DF:  Stay in school and don't take drugs. KIDDING! Messages? Absolutely not! I just want to tell an entertaining story that will stay with the reader long after they put the book down. But seriously ~ stay in school and don't take drugs. 

BK:  Where do you hope to take your writing in the future? 

DF:  The New York Times bestseller list and movie rights would be just ducky.
What advice do you have for writer's just starting out? 

Write every day and write because it's a passion. Join a writers' group. Develop a thick skin. If you can't take criticism (and unfortunately, not all of it will be constructive) you're probably in the wrong line of work. 

BK:  Anything else you would like to share with us today? 

DF:  Follow my virtual book tour and leave comments. At the end of the tour I'll be drawing a name and sending the winner an autographed copy of "Silent Kill." 

Oh yeah ~ stay in school and don't take drugs. 

LOL.  Great advice David.  Awesome that you are doing a giveaway too.  So please be sure to leave David a comment for your chance to win.  

Now for the Review :). 

Silent Kill by David Fingerman was an excellent mix of mystery and suspense.  From the first page Fingerman holds nothing back.

Louise Miller is a female cop that gets a lot of hassle from her fellow officers.  Her brother Andrew is a new cop in a different precinct.

When Mark Lone Bear,  her friend and fellow officer turns up missing,  Louise puts in all effort to find out what happened to him.

Throughout the investigation,  her brother who is getting broken in as a rookie,  stumbles upon a development in Louise's case,  Mark Lone Bear and his car.

When two more people end up missing,  Andrew and Louise work to find answers to Mark Lone Bear's murder and the kidnappings.  The closer they get to finding the murderer,  the more danger that befalls upon those they love and care for.

Was Mark Lone Bear mixed up in something he shouldn't have been that led to his death?  When one more kidnapping hits Louise a little too close to home,  will she save all three before they end up dead too?  Find out in Silent Kill.

Fingerman did an excellent job in his first full length murder/mystery.  Full of suspense and with an imagination that will leave you wanting more,  this is one title you will want to get your hands on.

The perfect mix of crime,  mystery and suspense,  I couldn't put it down until I knew what happened in the end.  I give Silent Kill ***** (5) Stars,  BK Walker.

Learn more about David Fingerman by clicking the book cover. 

Purchase at Amazon,  Barnes and Noble and Fictionwise.

BK Walker Books - All Rights Reserved

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meet Tiffanie Minnis From Writer's Movement in our Host Appreciation Features

Tiffanie has been with us for a few months now, and she does a wonderful job with her posts and has a magnificent blog.  Welcome Tiffanie and thank you for letting us get to know you better.

Writers Movement

1.    What do you love most about blogging?
I like sharing new and fresh information that I think would be a good read for my followers

2.    What do you hope your readers will take away from your blog?
My hopes are that my readers will support the many talented writers/authors that I blog about by visiting their sites and purchasing a book or two while spreading the word.
3.    Where do you hope to take your blog in the future?
I would love to turn my blog into a paid advertisement campaign for upcoming authors looking to gain and broaden their exposure.

4.    Do you ever have contests and/or giveaways on your blog?
Not currently but plan on doing so in the near future

5.    In your opinion, how would readers, old and new,  benefit from your blog?
    I mainly blog about new/upcoming writers and authors. It’s my way of giving readers that are constantly looking for fresh talent and a new voice, exposure to these new talented and unknown writers.

6.    Anything you would like to share, thoughts, events,  etc?
Writers Movement will be launching a month of the Movement campaign in October. Please visit for more information

Thanks for sharing with us Tiffanie,  and I appreciate everything you do.  Please be sure to leave Tiffanie a comment letting her know you stopped in to get to know her better.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Ashley From Ashley's Book Shelf in Our Host Appreciation Features

Ashley is our newest host participating in virtual book tours.   She specializes in Young Adult books and has a wonderful blog!  Be sure to stop in and visit her,  and leave her a comment here letting her know you were here getting to know her.  Welcome Ashley.

  1. What do you love most about blogging?
I love meeting the new people and getting to know my favorite authors. I'm not going to lie I also love the freebies :D

  1. Do you have a most memorable post?
The post that I really like was my first ever blog design giveaway. I recently learned how to make a design and I offered up a complete makeover to one of my wonderful readers.

  1. What is the funniest thing you have ever blogged about?
The funniest thing? Probably would have to be when I couldn’t remember where I had read something and gave away a custom made button to anyone who could tell me what it was.

  1. What do you hope your readers will take away from your blog?
I hope my readers will understand my love of books and how much I love seeing their beautiful faces on my follower list. It would also be wonderful if they could get to know me and the wonderful love of Christ that runs through my veins.

  1. Where do you hope to take your blog in the future?
I hope that it will become huge and I will be able to reach more viewers across the world and share with them my love of Christ. So hopefully one day that can become Christ like in their ways.

  1. Do you ever have contests and/or giveaways on your blog?
Of course! What is a blog without giveaways?

  1. In your opinion, how would readers, old and new, benefit from your blog?
By making new friends and creating lifelong relationships with Christ, readers, and authors. They also would benefit with reviews and giveaways.

  1. Anything you would like to share, thoughts, events, etc?
If anyone would like to talk about anything or needs prayer please feel free to email me. That’s what I am put on this earth for to spread God's word and help others' to follow the right path to true eternal life. Here is my email:

Thank you for stopping in and letting us get to know you better Ashley.  Welcome to The Virtual Book Tour Cafe' and I appreciate everything you do :).

Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet Ami Blackwelder in Our Host Appreciation Features

As we continue in our Host Appreciation Features,  Please help me welcome Ami Blackwelder.  Ami is an author,  blogger,  and another who strongly believes in Paying It Forward.  Welcome Ami and thank you so much for joining us today.

1.  What do you love most about blogging?
I love meeting all the new authors and reading all the new books, many of which are independent and I wouldn't hear of otherwise.

2.  Do you have a most memorable post?
LOL…I love posts with humor and there was one article by an author about weight …it was hilarious!

3.  What is the funniest thing you have ever blogged about?
Umm…I usually like humor, but I've usually blogged about issues…so I would say, the Save the Dolphins Campaign.

4.  What do you hope your readers will take away from your blog?
I hope they learn of new authors and books they otherwise would not have heard about. I have quite an eclectic mix from a variety of genres...

5.  Where do you hope to take your blog in the future?
I just started another blog which many seem to love the idea of which allows six authors once a month to talk about their upcoming books. I hope to have this blog and my older blog GROW…gain followers and a loyal fan base.

6.  Do you ever have contests and/or giveaways on your blog?
Always! Every month followers can win a paperback copy of any of my books and many times authors give me books to giveaway too!

7.  In your opinion,  how would readers,  old and new,  benefit from your blog?
Learn about new authors and books, independent work you otherwise would not hear about, win free books, swag, and meet others interested in reading!

8.  Anything you would like to share,  thoughts,  events,  etc?
Please join my blogs and see for yourself how much fun you can have there!

Save the Whales and Dolphins from Japanese slaughter!

A Paranormal and Historical Romance author! 
Passion with Taste and Twist!

Thank you for sharing with us Ami and for all you do as a host for book tours.  You are greatly appreciated :).

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