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Book Tour - Time Conquers All by PJ Hultstrand

Today please give a warm welcome to my guest,  author PJ Hultstrand.  She writes a time travel series with the first book titled,  Time Conquers All.  Thank you so much for stopping in today PJ. 

When Princess Tamea has reoccurring dreams of a young man fighting in a futuristic war far ahead of her time, she worries about her sanity. But when she also has a vision of this man some years older, where he dies in her arms in another time and place, she knows something in her life is about to change.
Then she meets King Parker and his brothers from the neighboring country of Altare. This King looks just like the man from her vision. Once Tamea touches him, her mind is swept back into his past, and to those dreams that have haunted her for months. As she searches for answers, she finds even more questions about this King's mysterious past and how his country had quickly gained their land from their neighboring countries of Nepal and Bengal. 

When King Parker meets the youngest Colonel in Laie's history, he's definitely not comfortable with this young woman being assigned to personally guard his safety while their two countries forge a new alliance. To finalize the treaty, which would allow Altare to share their technologically advanced weapons, King Parker knows it's his duty to marry Laie's queen. However, he finds it hard to seal the deal when he realizes it's not Queen Suu-Naung he needs and desires, but the young, passionate Princess Tamea who possesses a warrior's instincts. 

Parker questions his own sanity in starting this love affair, just as he questions how this young lady could have become a high-ranking officer in the 1500's Asia, where women's rights were suppressed behind curtains and veils. 

As Tamea's psychic abilities suddenly blossom, Parker becomes irrevocably connected to her in this time and place. With the passionate Princess igniting the fire in his life, Parker also begins questioning his long-standing scientific goal; going back to his future.
It seems, as soon as they find each other, intrigue and war threaten to separate them forever. Altare and Laie must quickly join forces to stop their mutual enemies from within their own ranks and from their neighboring country of Bengal. 

Princess Tamea begins healing the King's emotional scars leftover from another time and place, in the 1960's America, where Parker fought for his country in the Vietnam War. Even though the Princess has been trained to infiltrate and protect, it's King Parker of Altare who brings in the big guns from an era long in the future, saving her from the enemies' torturous plans. 

Time does indeed conquer all! . . .thus proving the mystical theory that everything happens for a reason . . .even when what happens is not correct - In this Chasing Time series. 


Patti has been writing since the 7th grade when her English teacher took active interest in her poetry and short story writing. She became hooked when one of her short stories was published in the local library literary magazine. Her first love became science-fiction when she was introduced to the works of Ray Bradbury.
Fandom bit her when she actually met the man behind the works in 1987 at a special engagement speech in Phoenix, Arizona. She had taken many of those writing tips and life examples to apply in her everyday life. "Never stop to edit, just keep writing until you're done, then go back and edit, and edit, and edit again until you're satisfied." 

Patti has been applying some writing in almost everything she has done from that time forward. She has written in college papers, literary magazines, public relations articles, business procedure manuals and having even gone as far as having published her own magazine on Arizona Graphics & Marketing. Her writing had become publishing, where she was contracted to publish real-estate magazines and other trade magazines from her graphic design business. 

She had been working for a print shop in Phoenix for over thirteen years, while continuing to work on the side in her own business as the work came to her. "Word of mouth advertising is the best and cheapest form of advertising." Patti has relied on much word of mouth to gain clients as they came to her.
Marketing, advertising, writing, printing, public relations, fandom, and publishing experience has had years to mold itself in something larger and more important than any other project she's attempted. Az Publishing Services, LLC is not just another small publishing house, it's designed to assist new or struggling authors a better opportunity to sell and reach a wider range of readers. The cohesion of a writing community who has been bullied, lied to, and has had some of their dreams bought out from under them by the gluttonous companies who have been preying on their dreams. We are the Weavers of Dreams. 

Thanks again for taking time to stop in and share with us today Patti.  It has been such a pleasure :).

Come by and visit Patti (PJ) Hultstrand at any of these locations: 


Az Publishing Services, LLC

Thanks so much for having me here today. It has been a pleasure meeting all the authors who I have hosted on my blog; changing face of publishing, and who are now attached to me on Facebook and Twitter. Now that the hosting has slowed down I will be starting up a new article series on our changes in publishing and the printing industry. It will definitely be in the best interest of all book lovers to keep an eye out for these informative and in depth views of the industry we eat and sleep in.

Come by and talk about anything really --

Patti (PJ) Hultstrand

Az Publishing Services, LLC

Here is a thought to get started on the whole time-travel issue....
Not sure if you saw Eureka on the Sci-Fi Channel this last week, but they have now altered the time line.

Now, for those who didn't see it:
5 of the characters from the show were transported into the past when the town of Eureka was a secret military site. They had to find out how they got there and how to get back. When they did get back, not only did they find that some aspects of their previous lives had changed, but that the founding scientist of Eureka had come forward in time with them by accident.

This scientist did not finish what he was working on in the past and is now stuck in the future.

So, here is the question of the day:
If this scientist finishes his project in the future, should he or should he NOT take it back to the past. This project would allow him the ability to go back in time. But, should he?

Also, there is no way to fix the current time line that the 5 characters from Eureka are now on, so they have vowed not to reveal the change to anyone else because they believe the time line would skew further.

Cool stuff to think about -- Come by and talk about these with me today.

Patti (PJ) Hultstrand

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