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The Cold Elf by John Garrett (Book Tour & Premium Prize Pack #Giveaway)


About the Author

john-garrett-author-pic  I'm John Garrett, an author and artist who loves Comics, Art, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Web and Tech stuff -also I prefer food in sandwich form.   My main site is, where I write about all kinds of stuff and show the latest art I've created. Head on over if you're interested in learning more about me. See you there!    

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The Cold ElfTITLE: The Cold Elf
AUTHOR: John Garrett
GENRE: Fantasy

PRICE (Standard version): $0.99 - for one device (contains 5-piece art gallery)

PRICE (Premium Package): $2.99 - includes epub and mobi versions, 15 pieces of hi-res art plus the Artist's Diary pdf.

SYNOPSIS: A young, bitter Elf undertakes a solitary journey, in search of a weapon that could be the last hope of his people.    


Jorr had never seen snow before. It wasn't the kind of weather that Elves traditionally preferred, and so they had little to do with snow.
Stepping shakily out of his boat, Jorr's foot sank deep into a mass of the damp substance. If the wetness of the sea couldn't get through his oiled leather boots, he knew this snow would fare no better. Still, the cold was unpleasant.
He stood and stretched, satisfied that he could do so after three long days on the sea. He looked out over the vastness of icy, dark gray water he had just crossed and frowned. It had taken so long, it was hard to believe that he had sailed across the narrowest part. Crossing that water again was not something to look forward to.
Then another thought - depending on what he found here, maybe he wouldn't have to?
In any event, he was here now. He still had a good distance to travel if the maps were correct.
Jorr grasped the side of the small boat that had been his home for the past three days and pulled it completely onto the shore.
The snow had stopped falling, yet there was plenty of it already on the ground here. The day was overcast, but was beginning to get darker, and the wind wasn't helping with cold or visibility. Waves of snow dust were washing over him. He pulled the hood of his cloak over his bald head. He had waited too late. The hood had collected snow inside of it, and now it fell down past the side of his face and down his neck.
What a vile substance!
He resigned himself to the sensation, then looked around some more. The snow-covered beach was stark white, contrasted with a row of dark, dead trees a short distance away.
A very lonely place.
Jorr dragged the boat through the snow up towards the trees. He was so tired, but he had to get to those trees and start a fire, or he might fall asleep and freeze to death.
If that happened, the hope of the Elven people would die with him.
Grasping the small pouch he carried reminded him of how painfully little food he had been able to bring. The Elves had little enough at all in these dark times, and Jorr had hidden away as much as he could before his trip. It was not mucht. He had hoped for a bountiful forest where he could hunt, but as the island had grown into view bit by bit he had realized the forest was dead.
Just as the Elders had said it would be.
They were right about this, but that didn't mean they were right about everything. In Jorr's opinion, the Elders were wrong about most everything, and were not relevant any longer. Only a little time left, and they would see that he was right. Although he was but fifty years of age, and considered a child, he felt he was the one seeing reality, while the Elders were content to meekly accept their fate.
Shivering, Jorr realized that he was standing around freezing instead of building his fire.
Leaving his boat by the forest edge, he made his way through the trees and found what he considered to be an acceptable spot to make a fire. There was a row of trees grown tightly enough together to block much of the wind and the snow, so beside them the ground was only lightly covered.
Jorr opened his pack and withdrew the Fire Element.
The dull red rock glowed warm in his hands. Powerful guilt came over him. Although snow was new to him, the Elven people were no strangers to cold. They lived in a land that was nearly all desert, and the nights were as mercilessly cold as the days were hot. It seemed every night you would wish for the same burning sun that you cursed during the day.
Fire Elements were precious. They represented the last vestiges of magic the Elves still possessed. Supposedly they were used as children's fireworks back in the Before-Times, but now the few they had left were critical to surviving the cold nights of the ShirraLand Expanse where the Elves resided.
All Elves were now taught to make a fire as soon as they could hold a stick, so Jorr knew he could make one from the wood in these dead trees if necessary, but he couldn't take the chance that there would be no forest here. He had to be sure he could survive his journey, so he had stolen one of the Fire Elements the night he left.
It would all be worth it. He did this not for himself, but for all the Elven people.


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Samantha GregoryAuthor Bio
Samantha Gregory lives in Northern Ireland. She has been writing since she could hold a pen and loves the supernatural/horror genre. She works as a freelance journalist and enjoys reading and playing guitar.
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About The Book
Book genre - Fantasy/horror.
Publisher - Mockingbird Lane Press, Maynard AR, USA.
Release Date - January 2013

Daemon PersuasionSynopsis

When Mackenzie Murphy goes looking for her father she finds herself caught in the middle of a demon war between three rival families. Still trying to master her own demon abilities, who can she trust to help her? The mysterious Lucien? Or Taryn, the son of the enemy? With all three families hunting for a talisman that could shift the balance of power, Mackenzie must get to it first and finish what her father started, or die trying.


Mackenzie sat tapping her foot nervously, waiting for her mother to appear. She shifted in the hard plastic chair trying to get comfortable. She hated this place with the cold stares from the inmates and the prison guards watching her every move. Mostly, she hated the fact that her mother had to be here for the next twenty years.
Her mother had no memory of the night Ray died. She had been found lying by his body. He had been stabbed with a kitchen knife fourteen times.
Her lawyer had called it self-defense, the judge had called it murder one. All Mackenzie knew was that Ray had gotten exactly what he deserved and her mother was being punished for it.
Annie finally appeared, her face pale and drawn. Her blonde hair, so different from Mackenzie’s own dark curls, hung limp and unwashed. She moved like a woman twice her age. Shuffling towards the table, her eyes lit up when she saw Mackenzie.
Baby, how are you?” she said, clutching her hand.
I’m fine, are you okay? Do you need anything?”
No, I have everything I need,” her mother, replied. She stared at Mackenzie, taking everything in.
Mom, don’t do the staring thing.”
You look great. How’s school?” she asked.
School’s great,” Mackenzie replied. At least it was the last time she rode past it. She had tried the whole school thing for about half a semester but it hadn’t worked out. She just pretended she was still there to keep her mother happy.
Do you have a boyfriend yet?”
No. I’m concentrating on school.” It bothered her sometimes how easily she could lie and how convincing she could be. It was a useful skill at work but she hated lying to her mother.
Good, that’s good,” Annie said, patting her hand.
What’s that?” her mother asked, pulling back her sleeve to reveal a bad scrape.
It’s nothing.” Mackenzie pulled her arm away.
Did someone do that to you?”
No, I had an accident. I came off my motorbike.
Motorbike? Your daddy used to ride a motorbike,” she said.
He did?” Her mother never went into any detail about her father. He had left her before Mackenzie was born. When Mackenzie was younger, Annie would lament about their summer together but she never gave any useful information away. All she knew was that her father was called Sebastian King. She had done a few searches online for him but she couldn’t find any matches.
Yes. I remember he was fixing it when we first met. It broke down outside the bakery, where I worked. He was so handsome.
Why did he leave you?” Mackenzie asked. In the past when she would ask questions, her mother would shut down and refuse to answer. Lately though she seemed to have trouble discerning fantasy from reality and she was talking more and more about him.
He was in trouble. He was only in town to visit Mr. Black”
Mr. Black?” she said, trying not to push.
He owned a pawn store. He was only planning to stay for a couple of days but he was there for three months.” Her mother’s eyes clouded over as she was caught up in the memory.
That was more information than Mackenzie had ever heard. She wondered if this Mr. Black knew where her father was. She had often thought about him over the years, where he was now, whether he even knew about her. Her mom didnt know she was pregnant until after he was gone.
The bakery you worked in, was that in your home town?”
Her mother nodded, “Yeah, its this tiny little town. When I was younger all I wanted to do was come to LA and now not a day goes by that I dont wish I was back in East Falls.
East Falls. She finally had a name, somewhere to start.
Maybe we can go back there when you get out,” Mackenzie said.
Her mother realized what she had said, “You wouldn’t want to go there honey. It is nothing like LA and I know you. You’re a city girl.”
I wouldn’t mind roughing it for a few days,” she replied.
 “No, Mac. The past is the past. Leave it where it is.”


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Construction Tales by Leslie Jasper - Interview & Giveaway

Construction Tales:Volume I
by Leslie Jasper

About The Author

Leslie is a journeywoman electrician who works within Westchester County, New York, Fairfield County, Connecticut, and the five boroughs of New York City. Leslie has worked within the construction industry for the past 17 years. She is also an evening OSHA instructor/writing coach working part time for Empire College. Leslie recently graduated and received an MBA with honors at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York. She lives with her two sons, Tom and Johnny, in Lake Carmel, New York. Leslie enjoys spending quality time with her sons such as snowboarding and visiting haunted houses throughout New England. She also enjoys cruise ship traveling around the world, renovating her home, and spending time lifting weights in the gym.

Blog | Tubmlr | Facebook | Twitter


MM: Everyone wants to know the story behind the story...What's your story?

I became a female electrician at the age of 20 years old back in 1995. I entered an apprenticeship where females were not wanted on the job. Despite the resistance, I joined the 5 ½ year apprenticeship program. My journey to complete my apprentice program is highlighted in my book. The different jobs I worked on were touched as well as the crazy co-workers I met along the way. I talk about the many challenges and the difficult people I work with over the years. My story is unique and the jobsite encounters are fascinating and funny. I completed my apprentice program and walked away from most situation triumphantly. My legacy for my children would be that I paved a way for economic freedom and never giving up. I want other women to know that it is possible to step into the construction industry and make their contribution to the building of America.

MM: Tell us a bit about your writing journey. When did you realize you were a writer?

I knew that I liked writing in my early years in school. I have a great memory and an active imagination. I see the stories in my mind and can feel those emotions. I run with those feelings and emotion and put them on paper. It is not a difficult process so I knew that writing would not be a chore. I find writing relaxing and healing. If I am stuck on a topic, I either skip it or walk away. I come back refreshed with a new mental roadmap on what I need to write about.

MM: Looking out the nearest window, describe the scene you see...

I’m sitting at my kitchen table looking out a big window. I see my big yard, loads of leaves tossed aimlessly about, a long brown stained fence, and my annoying neighbor’s house. The fog that is rolling in limits my view on this chilled November morning.

MM: Do you have a favorite writing area?

I like to sit in my big black comfortable chair so that I may kick up my feet and be relaxed when I write. I need to feel at ease so that the words may flow on my laptop. I have needed to stop a few times to get some coffee. If I have a good thought to write about, I will spend hours getting it typed out.

MM: What is an absolute must-have when writing?

I need to be at ease when I am writing. Oddly enough, I do not need peace and quiet to write. I just need to be comfortable. That just means a comfy pair of sweatpants, big t-shirt, and a cozy chair with my feet up will be sufficient.

MM: What is your favorite inspiration for writing?

I had never written a book before. I knew that it was going to be a long process that was new, exciting, and scary at the same time. I wanted my story to be told and my legacy to be on paper. Perhaps wanting people to know what my career path was like was an inspiration. I believed that women needed to know that they can embark on this journey as well was another inspiration. My desire to turn the page in my own life and go in a different direction was also my inspiration. Ultimately, I am very motivated and I wanted to make my mark in history and in society before my journey on Earth ends.

MM: What is the craziest thing you've ever written, published or not?

I wrote about how one of the people I was working with was pacing back and forth on a major, world renown, trading floor, speaking loudly, about all of the sexual encounters he wanted to have with this attractive employee. She was working on the floor and he was not shy about letting her, and anyone else, know of his vial intents and desires. It was rather embarrassing yet extremely funny to witness. There are many more stories similar to that in the book.

MM: Do you write other genres as well, or ever thought about writing fiction?

I have not written any other genres as of now. I want to write about my unique childhood and those challenges. If I do, it will be from a fictional character’s point of view. I am open to exploring most any type of writing except science fiction. I could not write for that genre since I would need to know the jargon and I would not feel authentic enough to step into that realm without prior knowledge and background.

MM: What is the book you most want to write that you haven't started yet?

I have not written out Construction Tales: Volume II yet. I really want to find time to get started on that book. I have many more funny stories to tell and I would love to get them down on paper. I have a fear of waking up one day and not remembering those stories any more.

MM: Using the letters in the word SUMMER, describe your book.

Strength, Undermine, Mighty, Musclebound, Enduring, Real

MM: How would friends and family describe you?

My friends and family would describe me as strong, determined, and not afraid of many things. I think they would say that despite my strong energy and drive, I am a good person who is honest and full of positive energy. I am fun and can be considered the life of the party. They would say that I am a good mother who takes care of my child and handles their needs before my own. It’s a fair guess to say that they all like me too!

MM: What message do you hope readers will take away from your book?

It is my desire to let the readers know that my story is not coming from a victim but a victor. I entered the industry on my own free will. I had absolutely no idea the extreme level of challenges that I would face when I became an apprentice. That was mostly due to my young age and lack of street smarts. I love my job and I can now say that I am good at what I do. I had encountered many skilled craftsmen who taught me my trade. If I leave the trade, it would be due to new ventures and opportunities. I would never get pushed out or quite my trade. The book was intended to illustrate a journey while showing what it is like to work with my crazy co-workers on a daily basis. Despite being crazy, my co-workers are good people and lots of fun!

MM: What can we expect in the future from Leslie M. Jasper?

I plan to find time to write Construction Tales: Volume II this winter. I have already started brainstorming on what I want to write. There are more funny stories to tell. I will cover my newly minted journeywoman experience that I will pick up after the last story from Volume I. I talk about being pregnant in construction. I also talk about my stint working in jail and the interaction with inmates. I also intend to get a collection of stories from a group of old timers (from all construction trades) from the business who want to get their stories on paper.

About The Book

Genre: Self Improvement
Publisher: Self-Published at CreateSpace
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Buy: Estore | Amazon

Strap on your work boots and put on your hard hat. Let me take you on a sheetrock dusted journey to
see what it is like to work within the construction industry. The work is hard, the environment is unforgiving, and the jobsite can be either extremely hot or cold. Almost 17 years ago, I stepped foot into a male-dominated work environment. Despite the lack of a warm embrace, I pushed my way into this world to learn the trade. I showed my many mentors that I wanted to be here and was ready to learn and work. After some grit and sweat, I worked my way out of my apprenticeship to become a journeywoman electrician. I earned a great working reputation within my trade and some aches and pains along the way. I work with guys from all backgrounds and all walks of life; and a few females that share my goal to be called journeywomen. Construction workers do not care that you do not feel up to the challenge that day. You must suck it up and get the job done! You will witness what it is like on a weekly basis to work within my industry. Every story in this book is real. The names of my co-workers have been changed to protect the innocent….or the guilty! I must warn you that this book is not for the faint of heart!


Chapter 3- The Big Job
Construction Tales: Volume I: A Woman’s Journey To Become An Electrician

I was sent to work on a brand new job coming out of the ground in Connecticut. This job would provide massive amounts of overtime and help my living situation tremendously. I learned real quickly that the pace on this job was very different from my last job. It was more of a laid back, easy-going work environment. I would have never guessed that I was about to meet a whole group of characters on this very large job.
I set foot on the largest construction job I had ever witnessed at this point in my apprenticeship. By this moment in time, the country was coming out of a recession and this massive deck job was going to catapult many trades’ people into a good financial position. My first day was in a giant room that was in the process of becoming the data center for a very large trading floor. As an apprentice, my first three hours of the day were all about getting coffee for a third of the crew of roughly 100 electricians. There were no elevators so two other apprentices and I had to walk up a minimum of six (up to thirteen) flights of stairs and provide coffee for the group of hungry and hung-over electricians each day.
The coffee trek was a half-mile walk to the deli each morning. I placed my order and sat there with the other apprentices until the order was ready. I had to make sure I had proper change for each person who ordered and double-checked all orders for accuracy. Coffee was the most important part of the day and screwing up the order could ruin the entire day. This was especially true when we went into overtime. If you got the coffee order wrong, plenty of these guys would react like spoiled children and have an actual temper tantrum. I started to get to know two fellow apprentices, Ryan and Todd, very well while getting our daily orders of coffee. I will never forget my friendship with these two fellow apprentices.
Ryan was a tall, dark-haired, and very hairy guy from a community normally filled with rich and upper-class folk. Ryan often reeked of body odor, cigarette smoke, or booze from the night before. He was and probably still is clearly a fish out of water in his community, yet he fit right in on a construction site. Ryan played in a band. He was very rough around the edges, with plenty of piercings all over his face. Ryan came in to work on a regular basis hung-over, often stinking as if a keg of beer had been splashed all over him.  

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Books Aren't Just For Reading by Laina Turner (Book Tour & Giveaway)

Laina Turner Mystery Tour

About The Author:

Who am I? It kind of depends on the day. I am a human compendium of unrelated things. I used to think I was just weird, had shiny ball syndrome and couldn’t focus, scattered, you name it. Then I decided it was OK to be all over the place as long as each avenue I wanted to explore had meaning and purpose or was fun. So I embrace the fact I am a college professor, a writer of fiction and non-fiction, promoter of other authors, human resource professional, business consultant, mom, and all around interesting person (according to my closest friends).

When I’m not working toward my goals I like, ok fine, LOVE wine, coffee, shopping, and books. I enjoy my kids, they are awesome. I hate the cold but yet live in the mid-west. Vegas is one of my favorite spots as I love to people watch and if I ever get married again it will definitely be in a drive through chapel by a fake Elvis.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin

Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Five Seas Ink
Release Date: April 9, 2012

Book Description:

Trixie and her friends, Berklie and Sophie, are excited about the opening of Read/Wine their new business venture of a bookstore/wine bar. All is going well until they happen to find a dead body in the shop and that wasn’t part of the business plan. All signs pointed to Berklie since it was her ex-husbands lover who was murdered. Trixie knew Berklie hadn’t murdered Sylvia so who did?

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IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio 100,000 Listeners Arts Festival!

IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio 100,000 Listeners Arts Festival!

a indie

Hello Everyone! Today we are celebrating IndieReview Behind The Scene's Internet Radio having crossed the mark in 100,000 total listens! Various talents such as authors and musicians have come together to help celebrate this wonderful event! In order to join in on the Festival events please go to IndieReview Behind The Scenes 100,000 Listeners Arts Festival! on Face Book, check out the Authors Excerpt Reading videos, Exclusive music performance and interview  and  live chat sessions with music and publishing talents via Face Book chat and Twitter! The Mission for this event: To celebrate the milestone of IndieReview Behind The Scenes which was launched on March 13, 2012 reaching 100,000 total listens! The IndieReview Behind The Scenes 100,000 Listeners Arts Festivals is a spotlight feature of the talented Artists that made this possible. Platforms: Blog Tour Hosts, Twitter, Face Book! Congratulations IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio!


IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio goes behind the scenes of book publishing and entertainment. Interviews with Authors,Musicians,Artists. Book reviews, Rock reviews & more! It's purpose?  To be An Artist's Haven. Click here to check out radio segments! Event begins at 7:00pm Central Standard Time Hosts for IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio 100,000 
Listeners Arts Festival!

CP Bialois Author C.P. Bialois

jamie white  Author Jamie White

  a ronda Author Ronda Caudill

M-Jordan-headshot2-300x257 ME  and Author Michelle Cornwell-Jordan Here are just a few of the Event Participants! 

raine thomas author pic Author Raine Thomas

    Author Marilyn Almodovar

  ??????????????????????????????? Author Laura Deluca

nikki colligan
    Author Nikki Colligan

  A.M. Hargorve Author A.M. Hargrove

heather mccorkle
    Author Heather McCorkle

  a ronda Author Ronda Caudill IndieReview BTS Host Music Performers Band- 


after mid 

  and very special interview and performance by Goth Rock Artist Cecile Monique!


Special thank-you to VBT Cafe Virtual Tours (Author/Media Consultant BK Walker) VBT Cafe(Virtual Book Tours) and all the wonderful hosts(bloggers) for tonight's event!

Special Message from IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio Founder/Producer/Host- Michelle Cornwell-Jordan I first wish to thank my co-host Jamie White, who has been with me from the beginning! In order to have a 100,000 listens, that means that was a lot of shows! Jamie has weathered packed calendars, last-minute changes and moments when the unexpected happens and if there is no guest..."we simply go with the flow" and of course standing firm during all the tech challenges we have endured! :O) Much thanks and gratitude! Big thanks to the newer IndieReview Behind The Scenes Internet Radio hosts, Cp Bialois, Ronda Caudill, guest host BK Walker, and former host Author Sybil Nelson... thank-you for being great sports by jumping into the craziness and bringing fantastic content that causes the listeners to want to come back again and again! Love and Hugs to all those who have clicked on the button to listen to our show, we appreciate each and every one of you!Thanks to BlogTalk radio for providing the platform and for the four Featured spots that we were given over this last year! And huge, HUGE gratitude and thanks to the Authors and the Musicians who have come and spoken with us regarding their dreams, goals, visions! Thanks! I hope you guys can stop by and join in the fun, and like I say every time I end a show... 

  I hope you have an awesome day, why? Because YOU deserve it!

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Shaken by Kerry Connelly (Book Tour & Giveaway)

Kerry Connelly is an English born Australian author.

A naturally gifted writer, Kerry found her way back to the love of writing after having worked in radio, retail management and casual journalism.

Her first title 'Observation City' was published in February 2013 and is a relatable and humourous book on life and human behaviour.
(View reviews and book links for more information.)

Having had anxieties since childhood, Kerry has always been a firm believer in the importance, understanding and support of those with vairying forms of mental illness.

Her upcoming title 'Shaken: A story of emotional abuse and depression' is inspired by her own story with the topics and serves not only as an inspiring read, but as a self help book of sorts for those who may find themselves in the midst and confusion of an emotionally abusive situation, or the loneliness of depression.

Enjoying dual roles as an author and education assistant, another of Kerry's passions lies in the teaching, compassion, understanding and support of early education primary school students.
Being an avid reader and also having studied film and television in her career, Kerry is a big movie buff, a lover of classics, musicals and dramas especially. She also loves to enjoy a well crafted television show and reading non-fiction and memoirs.

Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Pinterest | Linkedin

10 Things You Didn't Know About Shaken:

    1 Shaken has been awarded the 5 star readers favourite seal of approval. Readers Favorite also has reviewed books for authors such as Nicholas sparks and James Patterson.

          2 Shaken is inspired by personal experience
          3 Shaken includes multiple sections of self-help material about both emotional abuse and depression

4 The author Kerry Connelly also designed the cover for Shaken

5 The help on offer in shaken has already been useful to many members in the author’s g+ and GR communities

6 The naked model on the cover of Shaken IS actually the author

7 Shaken is a Good Reads featured book. Good Reads is the #1 social readers site with over 13 million people connected world wide

8 Shaken took over a year to write and produce

9 Pulitzer Prize nominee Mark Christensen of the 11th commandment lends his support to shaken

           10 Shaken also tells of an encounter with a psychic that came true

Genre: Self-Help, Non-Fiction, Medical Non-Fiction

Publisher: Self-Published at CreateSpace
Release Date: November 2013

Buy - TBA

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4)

Book Description:

Inspired by her own experiences, Kerry Connelly bravely takes us on a journey into the loneliness and despair of depression while in the midst of an emotionally abusive relationship.

Having had anxieties since childhood, nothing was to prepare her for the violent convulsions and hours of un-controllable sobbing that had started to take over her life, as the stress and trauma of psychological abuse manifested itself in the form of major depressive disorder, sever panic disorder and anxiety with ocd.

Shaken is the story of one woman’s journey with deteriorating mental health while under the control of an emotional abuser. It serves to acknowledge that any form of psychological abuse at any severity is unacceptable and shows just how quickly the trauma of such can give birth to a variety of mental health issues.

Separated by sections of comprehensive reference and checklist material to inform readers about the signs of emotional abuse and depression, as well as sections of advice and help for friends as well as sufferers, Shaken digs deep into the heart of a woman who hopes to dispel the ignorance and lack of understanding regarding both issues by using her own experiences as an example.

A stark, honest and well written read from the pen of an emotional abuse survivor.



The relationship I endured took a toll on my pre-existing disorder. I had suffered with attacks of anxiety since I was a child, which along with bouts of depression, accompanied me into adulthood.

A bad bout of anxiety would see me locked in the bathroom, frightened and alone while I sat there shivering making my peace to God. Attacks that were so severe and intense, I was sure I was about to die.

How sick they made me feel. The negative thoughts would try to penetrate my exhausted and troubled mind and sweat would seep from every pour of my tired and trembling body. If not for what I call ‘my logical brain’ and my desire to overcome these battles, I’m sure that the battles I was going to face in the decade known as my twenties, would have eventually seen me committed to the cuckoo’s nest.

I had started to see a psychologist in my twenties. It was a few years before I met the man who was to become my emotional abuser. He would have dire effects upon my mental health.

During my time with him, I was happy to realise that my anxiety hadn’t flared up, in what I realised was about to be a year. It was such a relief to be functioning without fear or trepidation. I felt I was slowly getting better.

Little did I know however, that the absence of anxiety would be replaced with the presence of something that medical professionals call Panic Attacks. Attacks that elevated my pre-existing and dormant disorder to a full-fledged diagnosis of severe depression, panic and anxiety disorder with slight OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.)

It was a diagnosis which saw my return back to medication after just over ten years without it.

I was prescribed a 100 mg dose of a strong anti-depressant/anxiety and mood stabilising drug. That rapidly rose to an astonishingly medically prescribed 300 mg dose within a month and a half. It was 250 mg more than the average recommended dose for both male and females alike.

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