Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet Mystee from A Moment with Mystee in our Host Appreciation Feature

Please welcome Mystee in our Host Appreciation.  Mystee has been with us for a few months now and she has been a real lifesaver many times.  She does reviews,  as well as guest posts.  Please stop in and see what Mystee has going on at A Moment With Mystee.

1.  What do you love most about blogging?

I love getting to work with so many different authors, publishers and various representatives as well as getting to know so many of those that come by to read my blog.

2.  Do you have a most memorable post?

I'd have to say my posts about ADHD and ADHD/ODD. There are so many assumptions about those disorders and as a mom with 2 ADHD and 1 ADHD/ODD, I've been on all the sides of the fence as to if those even exist.

3.  What is the funniest thing you have ever blogged about?

I'd say it's my day to day ramblings that pop up here and there about my kids, pets and friends.

4.  What do you hope your readers will take away from your blog?

I hope they find somethng they decide they want to read, or something they can laugh about because it's not just happening to them in their lives.

5.  Where do you hope to take your blog in the future?

I'd love to have more of a set schedule with more regular readers and authors. I'm working on setting up 24 hours of giveaways for January 1st with an author interview each day for January and guest post each day for February. A Twitter party is in the works as well. Anything and everything to make my blog better for my readers and the authors that contribute to it.

6.  Do you ever have contests and/or giveaways on your blog?

Yes, currently I have 10 going.

7.  In your opinion,  how would readers,  old and new,  benefit from your blog?

I think of they're old readers, they'll find books and authors they've never heard of and find a good book that they may have passed up due to a not so great cover. New readers will be able to spend hours and hours there reading interviews and guest posts from authors and so many reviews.

8.  Anything you would like to share,  thoughts,  events,  etc?

2011 is going to be huge {at least that's the plan for it}. Check my blog for all the upcoming giveaways to wrap up the year and all the upcoming events for 2011

Thank you so much for stopping in Mystee and letting us get to know you better.  I appreciate all you do and keep up the great work :).


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