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So You Think You Want To Be An Author? Guest B. Swangin Webster

Please welcome my guest today,  B. Swangin Webster,  the author of Let Me Just Say This,  And Again...Just Let Me Say This.  Great books and a terrific author.  Thank you B. for stopping in.

Are you ready to become an author? 

Well you may think you are, but answer these questions. 

When people ask you what you do, do you answer, “oh, I work for the government” and then whisper, “and I write” 

Now depending on their reaction, you either go into what your book is about or you turn and walk away feeling dejected by their response. 

If you are ready to become an author, the first thing out of your mouth, whenever someone asks you what “do you do”, should be, “I'm an author, and the name of my book is _________.” 

Now, four years ago when asked what I did, I proudly said, I work at a middle school, but I would like to be an author.” See I wasn't ready to be an author. Then two years ago, I was involved in a conversation that centered around what “we would like to do” I said, “if I wasn't working at a middle school I would want to be an author”. Again, I wasn't ready to be “an author”. A little while after that, my manuscript was accepted and published. I then whispered to a select few that “I have a book, do you wanna see it?” Now, again, I wasn't ready to be an author. After a few, ok it was only four people, read a chapter (I gave each a different chapter to read) they came back and said, why haven't you published this, and my response was, “it is published.” At which they pre paid for their copy. Ok, now I'm excited, because I have 4 people wanting my book. (ok, that might not be exciting, but remember I wasn't quite ready to be an author) 

After the initial shock wore off, and the checks cleared, I then decided to call my best friend and tell her and she screamed “oh my gosh! I can't believe I know an author!” ok, my response, “I'm not an author, I just wrote a book”. Again, not ready.

After a long, and I do mean long, conversation, I hung up the phone and said to myself, `maybe I am an author.' It wasn't until my first shipment of my books came in that I realized, that I had something published. I took my shipment to school and gave them to the woman who can sell the Brooklyn Bridge to someone and make it seem like it was the best purchase in the world, by the end of the day, all 50 books had been sold! When she told me, I was like; What! Just like that? And her response, of course, people love to read. 

Now I must tell you, no one knew the book was by me, because I use a pseudonym as a writer. I went home and nearly cried because I couldn't believe that people would like to read MY book. After a few days, I was called to the main office and when I got there, the front secretary told me that I needed to go to the teachers lounge. When I opened the door, the entire building had threw me a “book release party” complete with a cake with my book pic on it and a few appetizers. I was introduced as “The celebrity of the school” I went back to my office and had to meet with some children who were in trouble. After listening to them try and tell me why I shouldn't call their parents, one of them got a major attitude after I called his parent. Tired of dealing with his attitude, I blurted out, “I am an author, and don't need to put up with this behavior!” 

Yes, at that very moment, I realized I was an author, when will your moment come? 

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B. Swangin Webster—Author
B. Swangin Webster is the author of two novels, Let Me Just Say This and its sequel And Again…Let Me Say This.
She currently works in a middle school in Waldorf Maryland and is married with five grown children and four adorable grandsons. 

She grew up in the Washington DC area calls Southern Maryland her home.
She has over 200 novels, and has read all of them at least twice. Her passion, besides writing is cooking.
Her passions are writing, reading, and talking about the process of writing and being an author.
To learn more about her please visit:

Thank you again for stopping in B.  I always enjoy chatting with you.  Please be sure to follow B along her virtual book tour leaving a comment along the way for your chance to win a copy of one of her books at the end of her tour :).


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