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Giveaway and Interview with Author Arlene Crenshaw

Please give a warm welcome to my guest Arelene Crenshaw,  author of Twelve Roses for Uretta.  This is a touching tale and I'm so happy to have Arelene here.  Thank you so much for stopping in Arlene.  Thank you for having me.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.....

I’m a 48 yr woman with one son and two grandchildren, I raised my son on my own. We struggled many of days but we made it.  I blessed in so many ways.  I lost my job about a year ago for something that was not my fault.  It’s been difficult, finding work, and I prayed everyday for God to help me find something in this world I enjoyed doing, and in a dream a voice came upon me (God) and said to me. “You are here for a purpose and it is to write and inspire people.”  Something I’ve did all my life…inspire people, who would think that I would be writing novels today. Dreams do come true if you believe.

Is Twelve Roses for Uretta your first novel?

Yes it is, and I’m so very proud of myself.

What inspired you to pen this novel?

I had reached a point in my life that the pain became too much. I was tired of suffering mental and physically with my health and everyday life I was just plain unhappy no matter what I did or what other did for me. I realized I had be crying my entire life and sometimes I didn’t even understand why, so I decided It was time to go right to the cause and this was my way of healing within. Thank God, it worked now I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me.

Do you relate to your characters in any way?

In my book I am Erica who tells the story.

What was the hardest thing about writing this particular novel? 

This is a true story, the hardest thing was all the memories I had to deal with, and how the more I wrote the better I felt getting it all out of my system after 47 years of carrying this pain around. It was very hard for me but it was something I had to do for myself.  I wrote, I cried and I got it all out.  I got rid of the pain that claimed most of my life.

Have you received much controversy with this book?

If so, how do you handle it? I have… most people really enjoyed my book; they said it was a very emotional read. I did have some problems within my family, but I had to remind them this story was told through the eyes of a child.  It was not meant to hurt anyone, it was told for self healing and remembrance of someone that was so special to me.  And I also wrote it for awareness that things like this happen everyday, and It happens to those who you least expect it to happen to.  They just may be going through situation like in my book or going through something even worse.

What message do you hope readers will take away from your book?

My book “Twelve Roses for Uretta” takes this message seriously.  Love should not hurt and domestic violence can kill, don’t be a victim, there is always help. “Just reach out.”

What dreams have been realized as a result of your book being published?

My wildest dreams, that I able to do something wonderful and that is creative by me, something people enjoy and seem to really like and they want more and more.  I realized that dreams do come true.  I was once told that the only thing that comes to a dreamer is a dream.  Well I’m living proof that dreams do come true and I’m enjoying every bit of the ride.

Where do you hope your writing will take you in the future?

 I love writing I hope to put out as many books as I can but my goal is for someone out there to see my writing talent and pick me up to be one of the writers on HBO or Lifetime Channel.  I would love to be a writer on projects like 24, Treme, Flash Forward, Big Love or even True Blood I love those series.  Wish me luck…

Are you currently working on any new projects?

I’m always working on something, I have another book coming out in mid July 2010, a book of short stories and also I’m putting together another book for later this year.

What advice can you give to aspiring authors?

If people listen to what you say when you talk or even write it down, both in my case, and want more and more from you, give them what they want…write books.  I’ve always been told I was in the wrong career, which was the medical field all my life.  Then one day I decide to take charge of my life and do what I loved to do and that was.  “Write stories and quotes” and I do them both daily.

What is one thing your readers would be most surprised to know about you?

That would be I never thought I would be a writer. I can write stories all day but, my punctuation sucks…

Any events or news you would like to share with us today?

Yes, my next novel is called “Hidden Closets” due to be release the middle of July 2010.  This novel is a book of short stories about people’s hidden secrets that they keep hidden, and want to remain hidden.  There is a variety of stories that I challenged my self on, there is a lot of drama, suspense, comedy, and down right outrageous things that people hide. In this book, I really put secrets out there a truly must read.

Where can your readers connect with you?  Facebook, Myspace, Twitter?

I’m on facebook daily, where I do my daily quote of the day. I do that to encourage, enlighten, inspire and, motivate people to keep on keeping on, no matter how tough any situation in their lives may be, they can always come to my facebook for a quote of the day to be inspired. My website is

Any parting comments?

Always inspire to be the best at whatever you are, and with you’re dreams there is no dream that can’t come true. It’s you’re world as well as mine spread your wings and soar high.

Thank you so much for taking time to chat with us today.

You’re so very welcome…stay blessed!

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T.S. Wilkins
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T.S. Wilkins

I truly enjoyed reading your inspirational words. It is always refreshing to see someone living their dream and working hard to continue to climb the mountain of life despite how difficult it can become at times. It was wonderful and encouraging to read this interview.

Best wishes to you,

T.S. Wilkins

Cate Masters

What a wonderful interview, and positive message. Congratulations on bringing your story to light to inspire others. Wishing you much success.


Thank you all so very much!!! Keep watching and listening I have a new book coming out this month called "Hidden Closet's book of short stories" there not trues stories like my book "Twelve Roses for Uretta" but for some people they just may hit close to home. Due to be released later this month.

Douglas L. Louisville Crenshaw Sr./ MrHazelBlu

Momma (Arlene),

I am extremely proud of you and of your work. This book tells a real tragic story but above all it’s opening the awareness eyes to a serious issue of Domestic Violence (Mental & Physical).
I am so grateful to be your son and I am proud to be your biggest fan.

God Bless,
Douglas L. Crenshaw Sr.


I'm glad you wrote this book. My aunt is a victim of extreme domestic violence and she is still with him. Maybe I can buy her your book to inspire her since she won't listen to family. You are a strong, courageous woman, I just wish my aunt was more like you.
caliblue7 at gmail dot com


I am a new GFC follower of your blog! (+2)

No doubt, this contest link is going up on my blog. This way more people can read Arlene Crenshaw's interview and be inspired like me and learn more about her book Twelve Roses For Uretta as well as her future books to come! Thanks! (+2)
Posted on my sidebar under other contests at:

caliblue7 at gmail dot com


So glad I saw this posted at book blog giveaways. I think it is wonderful to have such an honest, from the heart book available to people who have been dealing with domestic violence. It will definitely help many people dealing with this. Twelve Roses for Uretta is a great literary contribution to the world. :) Thanks for the great interview Arlene! Looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming books! Keep Writing On Girl!
pinkpeonyblossom at gmail dot com


I follow via GFC.
pinkpeonyblossom at gmail dot com


I loved the interview. Thanks for sharing with us!
dakotasky55 at gmail dot com

2 more entries - GFC follower(dakota)


I am inspired by just reading your interview. Glad your dreams came true. I wish you success with all your books and future.

I am a new follower of this blog.

razorfire7 at gmail dot com

Historical Writer/Editor

Arlene, that was wonderful. I'm truly touched. Many blessings to you. -laura


A wonderful and emotional post. So happy to see your dreams come true. I feel you are very deserving of those dreams.
Getting it all out is the best therapy. Much luck with the books.
As an aside, I have to confess, my punctuation sucks too. I'm so grateful for critique partners.



Your book will help many people! Congrats on your first published book!

New GFC follower of this blog.

violetvortexkm at gmail dot com


I have to say that cover says it all. It captures the essence of domestic violence. Thanks for sharing your story with us all.

Extra Entries:
I just became a Google Friend Connect Follower of your blog.

lovelyserenity21 at gmail dot com


(+2) - I am a GFC follower.

I enjoyed reading your interview Arlene. I'm sure all of your books will do well!
azndrmr2 at gmail dot com


Thanks for the great advice and for inspiring others to have courage Arlene!

I follow via GFC.

shishito85 at gmail dot com


Glad you shared one of your biggest accomplishments with us. Thanks for giving hope to those who have none that are dealing with what you dealt with.

I just became a new GFC buddy so I can follow your blog.

pumachk at gmail dot com


Thanks for the thoughtful interview Arlene.

I follow via GFC.

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Fascinating interview. Glad writing the book was some sort of release for you.
I follow via GFC.
devinjade8 at gmail dot com


+2 I GFC'd you just now to follow your blog.

I enjoyed reading your interview Arlene. I learned a lot about your books and about you. I always love supporting and reading new authors!
Thanks for the giveaway!
ocnwaves32 at gmail dot com


Thank you all for all you're comment they are all so well appreciated...Stay Blessed!!!


Thanks for the interview Arlene. :) It's always great to see WOMEN succeed in accomplishing their dreams. Completing and publishing a first book is a daunting task for any author so I'm thrilled that you have made it through to the end! I'm sure your family is so proud of you! I'll definitely be looking out for your books.
abkreader at gmail dot com


Here is my only extra entry as I don't use twitter or facebook.....
New GFC follower of BK Walker's Muse blog.
Thanks for the opportunity!
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Wow. Im just amazed at the number of books you are putting out this year. It's nice that you are passionate about writing. I still need to find what Im passionate about! Hopefully soon.
Im a new blog follower!

rdngloria at gmail dot com


Arlene, After reading your interview I went to your website and read the poem on your site. It was amazing! Did you write the poem? It is called, Living Beyond Adversity. Thanks! And Good luck with your books! And I love the title of your book - Twelve Roses For Uretta(dedicated to your mom).

Extra entries - GFC follower.
dianarod23 at gmail dot com


What you are doing is great. Keep inspiring people! I'm a new blog follower.
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Great interview! Thanks for the giveaway!
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I'm a follower.
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