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Behind The Words with L.E. Harvey

Today my guest is Lauren Harvey!  Please give her a warm welcome. 

L. E. Harvey is a writer and model in Harleysville, PA.  She greatly enjoys all that Philadelphia city life has to offer.  When L. E. is not writing or working on the political scene, she models as a pinup and "alt" (alternative) model.  L. E. admires women like Betty Page, and "Rosie the Riveter" has been her idol since childhood.  She is currently affiliated with The Gypsy Queens, Angels With Ink (AWI), The Cherry Girls, and Curvy and Rocker Pinups.  L. E. Harvey is a proud participating author in Operation E-book Drop, sending e-book copies of her books to the men and women of the U. S. military across the globe!

The Person Behind the Words 

L. E. Harvey 

Who are we writers, that you purchase our work without knowing us? It's a rarity in our times to make any kind of purchase without research, test drives, and the like. Yet, writers are in that tiny percentage of people whose work will be bought, and no one knows a thing about the person in that picture on the back.
Who are we writers? Are we recluses who hide away, typing words for hours on end? Or are we that person who smiled and said, “hi” as you passed by on the street this morning? Who, or what, makes a writer?
Well, just like anything else in life, there is a tremendous variety of personalities in the writing world. Some writers are reclusive. Others are always out and about. Some are extremely friendly. Others can't be bothered to give you the time of day. Writers are as different as peacocks are from chickadees.

Since I fall into this interesting grouping of people, let me tell you a little about the person in my picture.
I am multi-racial. I grew up hearing various accents and languages. It makes for some very interesting and even comical stories. A Spaniard trying to speak to a Slav in English when English was not the primary language for either makes for an unusual conversation! I loved it, though. I am very proud of my mixed heritage. I love being a mutt. Plus, it can be fun to speak to people in unusual languages when they have no idea what you're saying. It's especially good for those annoying sales people that approach you on the streets of cities like New York or Las Vegas. 

I come from a small, but very tight family. Family was always very important, and we all love and respect each other tremendously. We also know how to make each other laugh. We've found that laughter is the most important thing in life, and we make sure that we can't get enough of it. It's a rarity that you see a family picture without at least one of us making some kind of comical expression.
Mine was also a theatrical family. We were always on stage. We sing, we dance, we act. Performing was such an enjoyable outlet for me as a child. The only real issue now is that I will often spontaneously break out into show tunes, and I can't really control it. I don't mind, though. It typically makes people laugh, which is a good thing. 

Since singing was an integral part of my upbringing, music has always been important to me. I listen to nearly every genre of music. There are a few I'm not necessarily particular for, but if the musicianship is good, then you can rest assured I'm listening to it. From opera to heavy metal to bagpipe music, I listen to it all!
That love of music, theatre and comedy has really come into play in my side work as a pinup girl. Let's face it: pinups are cute, coy and entertaining. Since making faces in front of a camera comes quite naturally to me anyway, I had no problem transitioning into the pinup world. It's just a new way for me to carry on the family's tradition of fun facial expressions. 

As for my “real” job as a writer, I've been writing my entire life. While most kids would go out and play baseball, I'd run up to my room to go write a novel. Writing has been my life-long passion, and I know that I am one of the very few people who get to say they are truly living out their dream.
There is so much more to a person than one can fit into a guest blog. Hopefully this has helped you to know the person behind the book. So, the next time a friend comes over and they spot one of my books on your book shelves and they ask about it, you can tell them I'm that crazy lady who breaks out into show tunes and knows how to say colorful phrases in Slavish! 

Lauren is currently on virtual book tour with Authors Supporting Authors,  so please leave a comment here today for her and gain an entry for your chance to win a copy of one of her book at the end of her tour. Lauren's next stop is June 5, with Katie Salidas at

Please also visit Lauren on the web at  and on Facebook too.  Thank you so much for stopping in Lauren.  It has been a pleasure. 

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