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Book Tour Guest Post & Excerpt with Nicholas Maze - Exit:How To Leave Debt Forever

Inspiration to Your Writing

Because I write across the board (multiple genres), inspiration is the key element in my writing. I will quickly act on an idea, normally. I will not begin writing the story, but at least create an overview. A great example is a murder mystery that I plan to write in the near future. I was sitting down, at my job, and the idea came to me. Now, that idea could have stemmed from the increasing murder rate, but I do recall one key incident that led to the idea. I was leaving out of my driveway and there was setting at my neighbor’s home. There wasn’t any crime or suspicious activity, but it was a simple display of garbage resting on the corner. From that setting, my mind began to run! I had no main characters or names (for character or the story), but I had a unique storyline. This led to a small overview that will be later converted to a full story. The inspiration for my first story, White Collar Woman (Romance/Fiction), was women. I felt that women were the majority readers of books of all genres, so I decided to build a story around a woman and her love life. I tapped into the women that were close in my life and my experiences with women (relationships, co-workers, etc.) These influences and inspiration led to the creation of my first book.

My second book took a completely different route. My second book, EXIT: How to Leave Debt Forever, is a non-fiction, financial, self-help book. The inspiration for this book developed over time. I initially received a prophecy on the writing of this book. I was confused, because I had just wrote a romance/fiction book and didn’t see how the two would tie together. Although I was confused, in the beginning, I decided to pursue the prophecy and began studying heavily on the world’s finance. As I began to gather information on the topic, I became amazed and motivated. My inspiration for EXIT was that so many people had no understanding of money and wealth and they needed this information to have growth in this area of their life. I felt that this information could change lives and make an impact on the world, as a whole. And, this inspiration led to the creation of EXIT.  

What 12+ years of schooling never provided is located within this amazing literature. From basic instructions on saving to the reason for America’s current financial dilemma, we receive great advice in the world of finance. People across the globe are crying for relief that will never come. In EXIT, we learn that financial strain is planned and orchestrated. The more America suffers financially, the more successful certain individuals become. How do we eliminate a problem that has been in place for almost 100 years? We first learn how to exit, escape.


Introduction: Mental Restraint
Nicholas L. Maze
As I was driving down the street one day, I became conscious of the world’s condition. Contrary to what you would think, it wasn’t the abandon houses I drove by; it wasn’t the cracked pavement, or homeless people that seem to be in unison. It was the children. GOD gave me the understanding that a child is nothing but an adult that is trapped. In their minds, they live in an orchestrated fantasy world. Their world is orchestrated by other children that have aged over time and learned to be adults. The older children (adults) determine
what the younger children wear, eat, and drink. And for the most part, a child is okay with the control. For most children, it is all they know. They live in a mental fantasy world, because their knowledge is limited.

Limited knowledge brings forth the purpose of school. A school should strengthen a child’s mind, because one day that child will have control of other children and he/she should be mentally prepared and able to take on that task. 

This is what separates a child from an adult, knowledge. And, this is also what hinders are society…knowledge. Knowledge is the key ingredient in this book. My main goal is to educate many and erase the “get rich quick” mentality. The term get rich quick was created for those that lacked knowledge, because they knew that without intelligence, an individual would fall for anything. Getting rich quick is a scheme. And, if
I sell you a book that is nothing but a scheme, I have not only cheated you out your money, but I have also helped you go deeper in debt.

A lot of us have aged in features. Some of us, our hair is graying, while others have gone completely white. Even with physical changes, mentally we could still be trapped. Our lack of knowledge can keep us at the same mental stage we were at as 8 and 9 year olds. This observation exposed to me the purpose of this literature. Our lack of knowledge is constantly putting this world deeper in financial strife. So many people
do not understand the financial system and remain limited and under someone else’s control.

This book was written to strengthen your knowledge. Regardless of your age, you can be freed from this mental bondage. This one book is not the answer to all your problems, but it has been composed to be the “push” that so many of us need during these trying times. As you begin to read and take in this information, pray. Pray for understanding. Pray for mental strength. Pray and ask that the bondage be removed. After you pray, remember that prayer is not the only requirement. You have to take action, move forward. This book is your push to help you make that move. Take in the knowledge from this book and put it to work!

As I think back on that day, I noticed the children were on the playground at their school. I could hear laughter and see children playing with one another. Although the community was dying and the living onditions were getting worse, they found joy. They found joy with one another. They found joy, because mentally they were limited. They couldn’t understand the dying community, the abandon homes, and the increasing murder rate. Mentally, they were trapped. They were happy with having someone control their life and made the best of what they were given. Not knowing that someday their bodies will age, that strength would weaken,
that hair would gray, and that their minds will remain trapped. They will inherit debt that they have no knowledge of. And although they may live to be one-hundred, mentally they will be that same child I observed on that day. Never being properly taught and forever being controlled.

Born in Flint, Michigan, Nicholas L. Maze attended Baker College, where he earned his degree in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting and Marketing. With a knack for advertising and excelling in math, Nicholas seemed destined for a productive career in business. Instead, there would be another gift that would prove to be more dominant and rewarding.
In the summer of 1999, while still in college, Nicholas found a job with a nation-wide security organization. His initial plans were to work his job, until he finished college. But it was his stint with the security organization that would lead to a rebirth of his passion for writing. As a child, being driven by a strong imagination, Nicholas would write stories to past time. It was during his composition courses in college that Nicholas realized that his gift was still intact. His writing craft received praise from his colleagues and instructors. With substantial amount of free time on the job, Nicholas found himself writing more and more. He started by writing poetry and composing songs, during his free time on the job. It was at this same time that Nicholas began managing a small rap group, which allowed him to hone his writing skills even more. Nicholas began composing songs for his rap group and him. In 2004, Nicholas began to write his first published work. With ample amount of time and a number of ideas, Nicholas began to write. In order to compose a successful work, Nicholas had to make himself the reader. Nicholas placed himself in the passenger seat and let his imagination go to work.
As Nicholas was completing his book, he renewed his relationship with GOD and acquired a second job. Two jobs and attending college full-time, forced Nicholas to put his writing on hold. Once Nicholas completed his first degree in Marketing, he was able to focus on his unfinished work and complete his book in 2007. From there, Nicholas began to send out query letters for his book. After no success, Nicholas placed his book on the shelf and returned to school. In 2009, Nicholas received a prophecy on his writing gift and immediately began shopping his book around. “I instantly thought of my finished work and began sending out query letters. Within two months, I received a publishing deal.” Now, Nicholas is fine-tuning himself for a long, successful career as an author. His first love.

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