Monday, December 24, 2012

Spiritual Freedom? Author Spotlight & #Giveaway with Blanca Beyar - Attributes of Mastery

Attributes of Mastery
by Blanca Beyar

Blanca, who is known as Lavayna to her students, has been a vessel for healing for over 11 years. Her passion for spirituality began when she was intrigued by a talk-show that was discussing angelic communications. Curious to see what would happen, Blanca attempted to communicate with her angel and to her utter surprise, succeeded. This was the beginning of a life-long mission and purpose for Blanca to be of divine service.
In her quest to assist humanity in their healing process, Blanca has composed and self-published six titles: “The Path That Leads the Way,”“The Path to Self-Realization,” “Mastering the Language of the Universe,” “Goddess Mother Speaks,” “The Little Book of Life,” “Love...The Only Reason,” which hit #1 in best new Releases.
Throughout her spiritual mission, Blanca has mentored and attuned over 100 students in the art of Reiki healing Today, she has devoted students of the Spiritual Path around the world. Through her books, website and newsletters, she continually inspires humanity to expand their spiritual potential.
Throughout her years of teaching and mentoring, Blanca has used many of her life’s experiences to inspire and assist countless of individuals to abandon the role of “victimization” and instead, to embrace the experiences as gifts of growth. For the first time, in her greatest composition yet, “Attributes of Mastery,” Blanca boldly shares many of her traumatic life experiences and teaches readers how to persevere against all odds with grace and spiritual mastery.
In addition to offering her books and mentoring, Blanca is also a gifted Empath and Medium. She has presently limited her private practice in order to focus on reaching the masses with her workshops and book events.

Book Genre: Mind/Body/Spirit

For ages, Masters of spirituality have been teaching the simple principles of living and of being.

In our modern time, it has become increasingly difficult to implement the teachings to our everyday lives. Attributes of Mastery is a revised interpretation of specific states of being that can lead us to walk and to experience the wisdom and bliss that sages and gurus have been teaching and inspiring us to follow.

Blanca Beyar, a modern time Guru and healer, intimately shares her own initiations of struggle and perseverance as she walked the journey to spiritual freedom and how the attributes of mastery created a foundation for her life’s purpose. Discover the attributes that will provide the keys to your own unique Mastery!


Love has no boundaries or barriers. Love has no exceptions or limitations. The energy of Love is what sustains this existence in place because no matter how much we feed opposing energies, as a collective humanity, we all experience and express love, whether consciously or subconsciously. No matter how disturbed our lives may be or the world around us, there is not one day that goes by that we do not experience and express love! It must be so, for, this is the true essence of what we are made of.

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