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Brainpicking Author Sylvia van Bruggen - Mindscreens

Today we are pleased to welcome Sylvia van Bruggen currently on tour with the Virtual Book Tour Cafe' with Mindscreens.

Welcome Sylvia!


MM: Many authors relate their characters to people they know. Is this the case with your characters and do you see yourself in any of them?

My characters are usually a mishmash of things I observe in people. Jess, the main character of MindScreens, is a mishmash of me (loving history and books for instance), a girl I once saw in the underground, who looked both sad and strong at the same time, and some other people I have observed, men and women alike.

MM: Who is your favorite character in your book and why?

My favorite is Ben. He sticks with Jess even though there is a lot of tension between them.

MM: Who is your most favorite character from any book of all time?

Granny Weatherwax from Terry Pratchett's Discworld. She was the first character that popped up in my head. Love her wisdom and sheer craziness :) I want to be like her when I grow up!

MM: If you could dive into the pages of any book, which book would it be and what character would you be?

I would want to be in Neil Gaiman's Sandman. I would be in Lucien's library, messing up all his books.

MM: If your book was to become a movie, which actors/actresses do you see playing the parts of your characters?

It's funny, I signed up for a challenge about heroines, and I had to look for an actress that looked like Jess in my mind. The actress I came up with was Saoirse Ronan, she has both the strength and vulnerability that Jess has. As for the actor that can play Ben, I could see Aaron Johnson :)

MM: What can we expect from Sylvia van Bruggen in the future? Any new projects?

You can expect a lot of fun things, like a new book called Ganesha's blessings, that is partially non-fiction, partially fantasy. Am also freewriting the sequel to MindScreens.

MM: Where can readers connect with you?

Many places, mainly my blog:

Jessamine Harper has it all: University course she loves, job as a Top-level Healer and dream man in the form of desirable Professor Lucas Corwin; but when Corwin breaks down and is taken away by the Mindcops, the world that Jessamine knows begins to unravel. Does the boy she hate, Ben, hold the key to her past as well as her future? Can she escape the clutches of the Mindcops herself? Only time will tell, and does Jess have much of that left?
Publisher Simply Blissful Press
Release Date April 21, 2012
Purchase Link: MindScreens

Sylvia van Bruggen is a fantasy/science fiction writer, poet, avid blogger and artist. She is the founder of Playful Creative, a website for creatives who want to work through their mental blocks and who want to learn how to play with their writing. She has self-published a novella, two poetry books, and her poems and short stories have been published in various magazines. She currently writes a fantasy novel, and she works on publishing another poetry book. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband, two cats and several novels in various draft stages.

Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me today. It's been a wonderful pleasure.

Thank you for having me over! Was a great joy :)

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